From 1921... to nowadays



Omer Romanzini established his snail's cannery in La Riviere Drugeon, a small village in the Haut Doubs (Franche Comté) where the railway and the presence of water made easier the production and the dispatching. The live snails were gathered in France and in neighbouring Switzerland.



The deep-freezing process allowed to the firm to grow and to sell frozen snails, prepared with garlic and butter, ready to eat. the live snails came then from Eastern Europe per wagons.



Romanzini received the Oscar for the packaging "Alvhelix", a plastic plate with cavities whic allowed a better maintaining and an attractive presentation of the frozen prepared snails.



Launch of fresh prepared snails with a 21 days expiry dat in bags or box.




End of the transformation of the live snails in La Rivière Drugeon, because of the costs and the environment pressure. Romanzini buys a firm in the Czech Republic in order to control the supplies and to stay competitive in the middle of the harvesting countries.



Expansion and modernization of the firm in La Rivière Drugeon, in order to increase the production capacity and to adapt to the new rules. More than 2,5 millions of € are invested.



Other innovation : "Les escargots de Fêtes", with the "Label Rouge" prepared snails in 2 trays which can be used int he oven or in the mircrowave.

 plats cuisinés


Romanzini complete his range with cooked dishes :  
              - snails with sauce
              - snail's tart with leek fondue
              - cooked frozen frogs legs
              - stuffed mussels