The Romanzini company deals with more than 45 millions of pieces of snails per year, in 3 categories

Tins - Prepared snails - Cooked dishes

All our workshops are equiped with automated production process of high performance which answer to the pressure concerning the production of snails

  • bacteriologycal controls of the raw material, indredients and finished products
  • strict hygiene according to the HACCP rules
  • precise sorting of the sizes
  • productivity to face up the intense concentration of the sales at the end of the year
  • computerised traceability in order to follow the lots and the logistics, standardize SSCC





fabrication farce

compteuse préparés

 cooking of meat

preparation of stuffing

couting of snails

compteuse chairs


mise en sachets

 automated counting of meat

manual filling

packaging in bags

atelier conserves

atelier beurrage

mise en barquettes

 snails canning

buttering workshop

packaging in plates