Recognizing snails

 burgundy shell

 Burgundy snail HELIX POMATIA

It is the most known and eaten snail. This denomination is reserved for the species "Helix Pomatia" which lives in the East of France and in Central Europe. The name "Burgundy" comes from the traditional recipe with garlic and parsley. As it can not be bred and its gathering in france is authorized only from July 1 of each year, the manufacturers get their supplies from Esatern European countries where they can be found in the natural environment. The meat is firm.

 lucorum shell

 Classic snail HELIX LUCORUM

The meat is softer and the shell is darker. Can not be bred. It comes from Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

 achatina shell

 Achatine snail ACHATINA FULICA

The gathering of this species can be made throughow the year because it doesn't hibernate. It comes especially from Sourth East Asia. The meat is darker and the shell is longer.