With an average annual workforce of 40 people, Romanzini processes more than 45 million snails per year, mainly the Burgundy variety (Helix Pomatia) and achieves 7,75 million € of turnover in 3 ranges of products:



Our workshops are equipped with efficient automated manufacturing processes which meet the constraints of snail production:


The harvest of the Burgundy snail

The Burgundy Snail is harvested exclusively in meadows and woods because it does not support livestock and is very sensitive to pollution. It can only be found in areas with ecologically preserved nature. It cannot be farmed. Today, the Burgundy Snail is mainly harvested in Central Europe.


Why is it called snail of Burgundy?

Real name Helix Pomatia Linné

Once picked up by hand in the vineyards of Burgundy then sent by full baskets to Paris, the Helix Pomatia, or Burgundy snail, sees its collecting circuit disappear gradually in the 20th century with the modernization of wine techniques. Now, we have to import it, but its name remains the same and is not governed by a geographical appellation linked to Burgundy area.

Securing volumes

Our company has its own raw material processing factory located in Czech Republic which allows us to control the supply chain from the collection to the end customer.

Our experience and reputation have allowed us to build relationships with multiple partners in other countries, and to secure the necessary volume of raw material even in bad harvest situation. The quality and quantity of the yearly harvest depends mainly on the weather conditions of the collection period, from April 15th to May 15th.

Regular quality manufacturing

Implementation of similar specifications and processes in our two production sites, with validation procedures for each batches and complete traceability.

A workable product, powerful production tools

The snail is a product that requires a lot of labor, from harvest to packaging. The raw material transformation process,  are entirely manual and require skilled and professional workers.

Only buttering and packaging can be automated. To do this, the company has workshops equipped with automated manufacturing processes, which meet the constraints of snail production activity and its strong seasonality.

We have implemented strict controls of our raw material as well as our ingredients and finished products while respecting food safety measures. We have full traceability of our products, in each products step.

A powerful production tool combined with rigor in the selection of products and their transformation is the basis of Romanzini's know-how.

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